ADD / ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Celiac Disease


Autism Spectrum Disorder

One out of 150 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders on a daily basis. Many adults are walking around with ASD, without their knowledge. Often, when a family member receives a diagnosis, only then do adults, often parents of these children begin to analyze their lives and often realize they, too are on the spectrum. There is hope. A lot of hope via diet, therapies and other interventions. Children can start to speak, when language has been lost or never arrived. Children can lose their sensory issues, stop having meltdowns, erase their violent behaviors, and get help with anxiety, depression and more! Gut issues can improve. Focus can improve.

If you suspect that your child could have Autism Spectrum Disorder / Pervasive Developmental Disorder (they are the same thing, just different names)...please take this free online questionnaire and share the results with your child's health care practictioner. It is often wise to have both parents take this questionnaire separately and discuss it.


ADHD / ADD Attention Deficit Disorder with and without hyperactivity

Many children and adults are receiving a diagnosis for this disability, more and more, as time goes on. Some receive this diagnosis, only to later receive a diagnosis of another disability, such as ASD or an additional disability in the mental health realm.

If parents would change the diet of many children who have difficulty with focusing and/or with hyperactivity, many traits and issues would improve or vanish. Here is a listing of food additives to avoid: Artificial dyes, displayed on labels with a color and a number and sometimes the word LAKE. In other countries dyes are listed with an "E" and a number. Preservatives and other artificial ingredients should also be removed: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, aspartame, MSG, nitrites and nitrates. Hydrolized Vegetable Protein, sulfites/sulfiting agents, high fructose corn syrup, also possibly phenols and salicylates. Consult for more information.

You should be alerted that for many children with the following symptoms something is not right and needs to be looked into further : (It might not be just an allergy. It could be ASD, ADD/ADHD or another disorder, especially if they show signs of many of the following.)


Celiac Disease

One out of 133 people have celiac disease (CD) (intolerance to gluten, severe gastrointestinal disorder). Many people have no idea that they have CD. Ninety-five perfect of people who actually have CD are walking around with it undiagnosed. Too many people have suffered needlessly, mostly due to misdiagnosis of the disease. Many patients go from doctor to doctor with no answers or receive an incorrect, catch-all diagnosis of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The only 100% way to diagnose CD is do get an endoscopy, which will reveal a damaged intestine, due to a lack of villi. Most people lose a great amount of weight before diagnosis, but some who have CD are of average weight or are even obese. Those with CD need to eat a gluten free diet for the rest of their lives; this will help them return to optimum health. CD is an inherited disease, so blood relatives should also be tested. Not all people experience symptoms, yet they can still be in poor health!